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National Park Issues

We are a co-ordinating body made up of key Forest organisations working to conserve the special character of the New Forest (proposed National Park Area).
Our members are:

  • Countryside Agency
  • English Nature
  • Environment Agency
  • Forestry Commission
  • Hampshire County Council
  • New Forest District Council
  • Salisbury District Council
  • Verderers of the New Forest
  • Wiltshire County Council
  • Christchurch Borough Council (observers)
  • Country Land & Business Association (observers)
  • National Farmers Union (observers)
  • New Forest Association of Local Councils (observers)
  • New Forest Commoners Defence Association(observers)
  • Test Valley Borough Council (observers)

Our aim is to promote the conservation of the special character of the New Forest through the effective co-ordination of policy and action.

We do this by:

  • Helping our member organisations to work together on common issues (e.g. transport)
  • Taking action on New Forest wide matters
  • Developing specialist programmes, along with funding, to take forward specific areas of work (e.g. Forest Friendly Farming)
  • Communicating with, and involving, local people, particularly through the New Forest Consultative Panel
  • Influencing regional, national and European policy

Strategy for the New Forest
The work of the Committee is guided by the ‘Strategy for the New Forest’. This sets out the policies and actions needed to conserve the special character of the Forest and is the basis for the specific projects contained in the annual Work Plans.
The Strategy has recently been updated and expanded, following extensive public consultation. It gives details of the key issues facing the conservation of the Forest (environmental, social and economic) and contains many new policies and proposals. It covers a variety of subjects, including nature conservation, landscape, cultural heritage, farming and commoning, planning, transport, recreation and many more. A wide range of organisations and individuals will be involved in putting the strategy’s proposals into action.

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